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About Us

Our roots go back to 1946, when Belam company founder Victor Haim returned from WWII with his Belgian war bride and began to supply the ravaged European continent with fresh American goods. Early products included foodstuffs, electrical equipment, airplanes, surplus Army goods, jukeboxes and pinball machines. The business prospered and grew, eventually specializing in the Coin Operated Machine business.

As the years passed the company became the largest exporter of used Coin Operated Machines in the United States, eventually opening a sales office in the duty free zone of Antwerp, Belgium.

Victor's children entered the business after completing their educations, and led by son Marc Haim, the business grew to another level. Not satisfied to handle used equipment with its limited sales potential, Marc landed valuable new distributorships from such burgeoning pioneering companies as Atari, Sega, Nintendo, and many other technological leaders in the new video field.

Marc also embarked on a major expansion in the American market, acquiring or starting full distribution plants in Miami, Orlando, New York, and New Jersey. Further expansion ensued as the company acquired or started arcade operations, initially on the eastern seaboard but eventually spreading to Argentina, Peru, and Colombia as well.

Business was not always about growth, the company endured many down cycles in its history, rising and falling with the ups and downs of its industry. By the end of the last century the company began to downsize, selling or liquidating its many subsidiaries and branches, renaming and re-inventing itself as GOLD COAST INTERNATIONAL.

Recent years have been very good for Gold Coast, once again operating from a single New York office and servicing its thousands of wholesale and retail customers through its experienced network around the world.

As the business enters its 75th anniversary, it stands as a respected distributor of all types of Amusement Machines, Amusement Park Rides, Children’s Rides, Redemption and Merchandising Equipment, Jukeboxes and Vending Machines, Sports Equipment, Novelties, etc. We are proud to represent nearly every manufacturer in our industry and to efficiently distribute their products throughout the USA and the world.

We offer the products of virtually every manufacturer in the industry. In addition to brand new equipment, many models can also be supplied used at greatly reduced prices.