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Arctic Waterproof Air Hockey


If you are looking for an outdoor air hockey table or a table that can withstand spilled drinks, then the Arctic Air Hockey table is for you. The Arctic Air Hockey is built with a specialized construction as well as an integrated drying-system perfect for year-long outdoor use. Furthermore, the Arctic is perfect for arcades since it is resistant against spilled drinks and equipped with a coin-op mechanism. The perforated playing-surface is made from polycarbonate and withstands even intense usage. The playing-surface and the high-performance blower-system (260W) provide a fast and fluent game-play. The Arctic is also equipped with bright LED-lights and LED-screens which show the score and remaining play-time. Included with the Arctic are 4 mallets as well as 6 pucks.

Dimensions: 94" x 51" x 21.25", 485 lbs.