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Basketball Pro Arcade

Basketball Pro is a fast-action sports game in an upright package. Designed for both street locations or game rooms in family entertainment centers, Basketball Pro features a compact footprint to fit easily into bars and other traditional public locations as well. And its striking, colorful styling assists it in standing out on the largest game room floor. While Basketball Pro ships as a ticket redemption game, it is easily modified for non-ticket play in route operations.

Basketball Pro is a one- or two-player sports piece offering straightforward play. Its distinguishing feature is the eye-catching player interface: two controllers the size and shape of real basketballs. Players pound these big "external" balls to propel smaller balls around the interior play zones, striking the controller to make a shot. The velocity (and hence the height) of the smaller ball's trajectory is governed by the force of the blow. The pneumatic interface allows players to control all their shots.

Gameplay is simple and engaging. Players select single or "versus mode," and the game starts when the music begins. When versus mode is enabled, backboard movement is synchronized. Players quickly learn to adjust the force of the hits they give the external ball to follow the moving basket. Players score three points every time they make a basket and six points during the final 10 seconds of the game (called "double time"). The default play time is 40 seconds, and the end of the game is signaled by a whistle.

Basketball Pro is both a great family game for arcades and two-player competitive piece for the bar and street market and has loads of entertainment value.

Dimensions: 32" x 39" x 98", 485 lbs.