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All In

Get the puck ALL-IN to WIN!

ALL IN is a skill-based redemption game where you pull a plunger and shoot a virtual puck down the playfield. It's a new twist on a beloved carnival classic. Depending on where the puck lands determines how many tickets you get. If you can aim the puck at the right spot, at the very end is a 1000 ticket jackpot. The playfield also raises up during play so you have to take that into consideration when aiming your shot. If you miss the shot you get 20 tickets. There are other larger amounts of tickets you can win if you hit the puck within those zones on the playfield. As the ALL IN name of the game suggests, you have to get the puck completely in the correct zone to win the larger amounts of tickets.

THRILLING INSTANT REPLAY - Using the 40" Hi-Def LED screen All In gives the player an "instant replay" on every shot either confirming their WIN or showing them just how much they missed the win by. Players love seeing their results on screen!

Dimensions: 32" x 117" x 105", 707 lbs.