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NBA GameTime Pro


Get your game on with ICE's new interactive arcade basketball game. With deluxe custom logo options to choose from (additional cost), you can rep your favorite NBA team in your own home arcade. NBA Gametime Pro is the newest home basketball arcade game. With a real hardwood floor, and an official NBA license, you're looking at the latest and greatest in arcade basketball—that would be the perfect addition to your home arcade.

Basketball Home Edition Game Modes

  • Arcade - The classic basketball arcade game. Players race against the clock to score as many points as possible.
  • Money Ball - Score points by making baskets - Race against the clock to score as many points as possible.
  • Pig - The classic game takes on the arcade. Players take turn attempting shots. If a player misses, they get a P, they miss a second time I and the third time they miss they will get a G and be removed from the game. Last player standing wins.
  • Last Shot - Get as close to zero as possible. Timer counts down from three seconds. Each player gets three shots per game.

Dimensions: 99" x 39" x 87-101", 400 lbs.