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Sani Care for Clean Care


Sani Care for Clean Care
Sani Care for Clean Care
Ultrasonic Hygiene Machine
Battery Details:
Voltage: 220v / 50Hz, 110v
o Size : 11"x 5.5" x 3"
(280x140x80 mm)
Power: 321 W
o Battery Output: 48V
o Capacity: 15AH
Materials: 304 stainless steel + plastic
o Product Dimensions:
W 15.7"/ D 23.6"/ H 32.5"
(W 400mm/ D 600mm/ H 825mm)
o Packing Dimensions:
W 18.11“/ D 25.98"/ H 32.48"
(W 460mm/ D 660mm/ D 825mm)
Gross / Net Weight: 88.2Lbs/ 40kg
Tank Capacity: 31.5L
Spray Density:
Minimum mist output 0.2lbs/h, maximum mist
output is 7.5 lbs/h
Key Features
- Water-proof Touch Screen panel
- Plugin or Battery option
- Adjustable water intake and mist intensity
- Flexible & extendable hose
- Large storage capacity: 31L
- 5 hours operating built-in battery
- Low energy consumption
- Easy to install and use
- Suitable for different environments
- Hose length:
Large Hose (7.5"/190mm- 29"/740mm
Small hose ( 23.6"/ 600mm-78.8"/
2000mm extended)
- Full intensity 15 minutes can cover area of
1076 sqf
Water-proof Touch Screen Control
Hose storage
Sani Care is an ultrasonic hygiene machine for public and private locations!