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Skeeball Classic (shown as 3 units with mega marquee)

Enjoy the classic SkeeBall game you love with new upgrades and a vintage-inspired look!

Patented in 1908, SkeeBall is THE original alley game. And it's recently gone through a serious upgrade! Complete with valuable product design updates and a new look that reflects the vintage, hand-crafted style of the early 1900's, the new SkeeBall is the real deal. Anything else is just a substitute.

The updated SkeeBall lanes retain the classic look & feel of the original patented alley. Complete with elaborate flourishes and detailed craftsmanship that was typical in those days, SkeeBall Classic is perfect in vintage or retro-styled locations; whether barcades, game rooms, lobbies or homes. To satisfy the authentic SkeeBall purists, it keeps the front and side metal cages, the classic sounds, and the simple point scoring metrics.

Link a bank of alleys and add the marquee to finish off the look, drawing in players of all ages.

Lanes sold separately.

Dimensions: 30" x 123" x 85" (128" w/marquee), 630 lbs.