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Iceball Pro Home Alley Roller

The most popular alley roller game on the market: ICE Ball Pro, is the new standard for Alley Rollers with over 50 improvements from the original. The game is completely redesigned, fun for all ages, and the perfect addition to your home arcade.

ICE Ball Pro incorporates multicolor synchronized LED lighting on every inch of the alley for an unprecedented light show in your home arcade.

This home alley roller can be multi-player and features 5 game modes of play to keep it "Fresh" and fun for years to come!

* Arcade - The classic alley roller game - throw 9 balls - score as many points as possible. Score the high score for ultimate bragging rights
* First to Zero - Compete to get to zero first. For every ball thrown it subtracts from the score. First player to 0 wins
* Fast N Accurate - Throw fast to score more points, with the "Time Bonus". Balance the accuracy of the throw with the speed to score the highest number of points possible.
* Cricket - Bringing the classic dartboard game to ICEBall Pro. This competitive game has players hit each hole three times. First to hit every hole three times wins!
* Combo Bonus - Hit the same pocket multiple times in a row to win bonus multipliers. Accuracy is key in this ICEBall Pro classic game.

Dimensions: 120" x 30" x 84", 568 lbs.