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Belita ll Coin Counter

These compact machines count up to 1500 coins per minute. They count all different size coins from a dime to the new U.S. dollar. They can also be set to count foreign coins & tokens.This unit does not sort coins.

- Sort, Counts, Wraps, Bags
- Works with flat or rolled coin tubes
- Counts approximately 1500 coins per minute
- Fills coin wrapper in approximately 5 seconds
- Small footprint w/built-in carry case
- Reverse function for jammed coins
- Automatic stops 20/25/40/50/100/200 for wrapping coins
- Infinity setting for bagging coins
- Sorts, counts all size coins from a penny to the new One Dollar coin
- Can be set to count foreign coins & tokens
- Includes front and side bag holder
- Includes wrapping tubes for 5¢ - 10¢ - 25¢ coins
- Includes handle for manual use operation 1¢ and $1 tubes optionally available

Place the mixed coins to be sorted & counted in the top tray. Set to count the largest diameter coin first. The largest coins will be counted into the front bag and the smaller coins will be sent to the bag on the side. Now set for the largest diameter remaining coins and repeat process as above, until you have sorted and counted all coins. If you want to count and wrap the coins, install the proper tube instead of bag in front and set automatic stop for coin.

W - 8.7" x D - 12.6" H- 8.3"
Weight - 17 lbs

  • Manufactured by: Belita