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Ghost Town


New and very appealing 4-player video arcade game with included ticket redemption feature with attractive 3D cabinet graphics and exciting digital sound effects!

The game attracts a crowd with its stunning cabinet + huge LCD screen.
Players shoot scary monsters for fun or win points and maximize their ticket win, and with spooky (not gory) game play, and Ghost Town delights players of all ages.

Ghost Town comes with (4) different gameplay scenes including a haunted house, a perilous pirate ship and a frightening forest, plus some surprises to keep players on their toes, and also includes exciting bonus rounds !

The Ghost Town Dawn Of War Cabinet comes with a 55" LCD HD Flat Monitor + (4) Vibrating Gun Controllers

Comes with (4) Ticket Dispensers for Ticket Redemption, or just use as a standard video arcade game anywhere.

-- Dimensions: Height: 93", Width: 99", Depth: 94"