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Injustice Arcade


The power of DC Comics superheroes is in your hands with Injustice Arcade, the brand new card-based fighter from Raw Thrills. Mix and match among all 200 hero and villain cards to form an unstoppable team, then unleash breathtakingly cinematic Super Moves as you fight to be the last one standing. Get a free card with every play! The game includes 1200+ card capacity and thousands of LED lights in a minimal footprint.

- Free Card with every play- Encourages repeat play
- Revolution Card-Based Gameplay
- 200 Cards for Players to Collect
- Customers Scan Cards to Assemble their Favorite Team
- 2 Player Tag Team Action!
- Easy and Fun Gameplay for All Ages

Injustice 43": 99.75"H x 46.25"W x 33.62"D
Injustice 55": 108.87"H x 56.25"W x 34.00"D