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House of Dead: Scarlet Dawn SDLX


Are you prepared to experience true terror? If so, you'll find it with House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn.

Within the House of The Dead 'universe', the Scarlet Dawn story takes place after the events of the 4th game but years prior to the 3rd. Players take on the role of AMS agents Ryan Taylor & Kate Green as they must survive another onslaught of zombie hordes. Armed with a trusty submachine gun, players will face the largest zombie crowds in franchise history, confronting old favorites as well as new threats. Rescue those in need, choose your path when the selection is available and take down terrifying bosses.

When users experience the refreshed world of House of The Dead, they will do so with more realism than ever seen before. The graphics are powered by Unreal Engine 4, providing for extremely detailed enemies and environments. The exquisitely detailed environmental cabinet design helps block out some of the outside world to help users focus more on the game, which is further enhanced by air-powered force feedback features. Feel the wind bursts simulated by helicopter blades spinning overhead or the breath of the zombies.

Dimensions: 57" x 84" x 90", 1124 lbs.