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Amazing Alley

Amazing Alley is a modern 2-lane alley bowler that seamlessly connects the physical and virtual worlds with colorful holographic effects. The intelligent use of this technology allows the game to offer multiple layers of rewards that keep players at the game.

Each hole is worth a set ticket value, and an accumulating bonus jackpot can be won by collecting a star that hovers over each hole, with explosive holographic effects each time a ball is sunk. The vibrant carnival-themed cabinet is the perfect addition to any midway and can be linked to offer 4 total lanes with bonus marquee.

- Single-Player
- Multi-Player
- Ticket Dispensing
- Pre-drilled for Embed
- Universal Connector Link
- Linked Game Play
- Card System Ready
- Coin Acceptor Ready
- Bill Acceptor Ready

Dimensions: 68" x 116.5" x 104", 1204 lbs.