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Jetball Alley

Have you wanted to see genre take a leap forward in innovation? Then take a look at Jet Ball Alley!

First and foremost, Jet Ball Alley is an alley bowler, meaning that players will know exactly how to play when they approach it. Insert credits, then you are given balls to roll down the ramp towards a matrix of hole targets. These targets are enhanced with multi-color LED lighting, and then players are directed to try and hit 3 holes in a row to score (the hits can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines).

Unlike other alley games which only let you play with 9 balls, here you keep going until the clock runs out. Scoring "combo's" (more than one line of 3's) yields more points. Players also have a chance to play the BONUS round if they can reach/surpass a certain high score. The fun and replay value are boosted even more by the use of a leaderboard to get those competitive juices going!

Elevating the concept into the modern realm is the "holographic projection technology." A transparent surface sits above the target area, where animations are projected onto the surface. These graphics are combined with the game play to further enhance the presentation, creating a unique “mixed reality” experience that allows the Jet Ball Alley to easily stand out in the crowded field of alley bowlers.

Dimensions: 29" x 120" x 87", 602 lbs.